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Work From Home Research, Post-it app feature, and Ortho Patient Experience


Virtual Roles with 3M


Internship 6 Months
Contract 1 Year


I started my internship with 3M in June of 2020. I originally worked on a research project looking into products/solutions for the future of work from home. Over 9 weeks I grew as a researcher and designer, furthering my understanding on how to frame problems and present insights to a variety of audiences. In August my internship got extended until December 2020. I began to work with the Bontouch team on the Post-it® app. I helped conduct interviews about an upcoming feature, designed it, and conducted user testing with prototypes.

Contract Work

I moved from the consumer business group to the healthcare business group when I got the contract position. The new team I work on primarily designs software for orthodontist portals. My role was to improve the experience on the patient facing side of things. I created wireframes, presented higher fidelity designs, and created prototypes for user testing. During my contract postition I also helped on other projects such as Clean-Trace.

Due to my NDA I can’t show anything else from my internship or contract position right now. However, feel free to contact me and I can talk more about my experience and what I learned from these positions!